When you arrive at our office for a new patient appointment, the dentist will complete a comprehensive exam using information gathered by our hygienists and assistants. For those who have a more focused concern, the dentist will provide an exam more limited in scope so that the issue can be addressed.


Our office provides prophylactic (preventative) cleanings, as well as more advanced therapies, including scaling and root planing. At your first visit, the dentist will diagnose the periodontal condition of your mouth using x-rays and gum tissue measurements. The gum conditions can change over time, and will be monitored during routine visits.


Bonding includes adhering tooth colored resin material to your teeth. We do this to repair teeth, and/or fix cosmetic concerns.

Fillings replace tooth structure lost to damage or decay. We offer both tooth colored and amalgam (silver) fillings.


A veneer is a thin material that is placed over your tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. We customize our veneers from porcelain material and permanently bond them to your teeth.



With daily diet, teeth discolor over time. We offer convenient whitening options to our patients. One option is to make a set of custom trays, that will allow you to improve your smile at your convenience! Call us for more details!


Many people suffer from jaw joint issues including, but not limited to, grinding and clenching their teeth. Current research ties some of these cases to airway issues. Over time, this continued extra use can lead to breaking teeth.  We may recommend custom guards to help protect teeth.


Crowns are custom made coverings that fit over your original teeth, and can be made from several different materials, including porcelain and gold. The need for a crown can vary, but is often due to decay and/or damage to your tooth. 

A Bridge is a set of two or more connected crowns that are used to replace one or more missing teeth.


The grooves that form the biting surface of your back teeth can be difficult to clean. Bacteria can pool in the grooves and break down the tooth enamel, causing cavities. A dental sealant is placed to cover the grooves, preventing bacteria from residing. Sealants are made of resin and are usually applied to molars and premolars of children as their adult teeth erupt.


An extraction is the complete removal of your tooth. We perform extractions for many reasons, including extensive decay.


Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes an infected or dead nerve from the canal within your tooth.


Complete dentures are great alternatives to replace teeth where there are none. While patients find they get the best retention having dentures secured on implants, we also make non-implant supported dentures that are customized to your mouth. 

Removeable partial dentures are an alternative to replace one or more missing teeth in your mouth, while still keeping your natural teeth. 


For emergency patients, we strive to provide relief treatments the same day. Further treatment may be needed after emergency relief is completed.