Bonding includes adhering resin material that we match to the color of your tooth. We do this to repair damage/decay, close gaps between teeth, and/or fix cosmetic concerns you may have.



A veneer is a thin material that is placed over your tooth. We customize our veneers from porcelain material and permanently bond them to your teeth.


With teeth whitening, we offer take home trays. An impression is taken of your teeth, that impression is used to make your custom trays that will fit comfortably over your teeth. Your trays will come along with tubes of whitening gel. The whitening gel is placed inside the trays and the trays are inserted easily into your mouth. The trays are usually worn for 3- 4 hours daily/nightly. Trays are usually worn for 5-8 days/nights.


Our dentures are high-quality, well-fitting, precisely designed pieces and they are molded to fit your mouth.


Bridges are custom pieces that are anchored onto neighboring teeth covering up one or more missing teeth.


We offer a TMJ exam that evaluates the joint. In some cases we may suggest using a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding and to relieve tension in the joint.


Crowns are permanent coverings that fit over your original teeth. The need for a crown is usually due to decay and/or damage to your tooth. Our crowns are either porcelain or gold.

Fillings are done to replace and restore your tooth structure that is damaged due to decay and/or damage.


The grooves that form the biting surface of your back teeth are difficult to clean. Bacteria can form in the grooves and break down the tooth enamel, causing decay. A tooth sealant is applied to protect your tooth by sealing the grooves, preventing bacteria from residing. Sealants are made of resin and are mostly applied to premolars and molars of youngsters as their teeth erupt.


An extraction is the removal of your tooth. We perform extractions for many reasons such as decay and/or damage.


Root canal therapy is a procedure that extracts decayed/infected pulp from the canal within your tooth.


For emergency patients, we strive to provide relief treatments the same day. Further treatment may be needed after emergency relief is completed.

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